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Ah, yes, I guess it's time I did one of these...
Andrew Lincoln, born Andrew James Clutterbuck, 14 September 1973 is an English actor, best known for his roles as Egg in the BBC drama This Life, Simon in the Channel 4 sitcom Teachers, and Rick Grimes in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.
.....Wikipedia knows more about myself than I do personally...My name is Rick Grimes but I go by the pen name Andrew Lincoln. How do you do?
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It Was Bound to Happen // Emily & Andrew

Yelling, screaming, cursing-the only things that were a given to happen day in and day out. The moment Andrew walked into the door of his London flat or when the nanny greeted him after a day’s work, that’s all he heard. That’s all that rang in his tired mind. Her voice and the echoing rings of “I hate you!” or more commonly these simple words that hinted towards meaning so much more, “I can’t do this anymore, Andrew.” It was time he heard them. The clock struck 12, signaling it was the end for his wife’s and his relationship. Was it fair to even call it that, a relationship? It was more like a union that was broken, that has been dead for years now. Gael was no longer the woman Andrew came to fall in love with, the  mother of his children, the owner of his heart. She was just another person to him as bad as that sounded. He promised to love her until the day he died but that promise was shattered that rainy afternoon came and went. From then on, Gael was someone ordinary, someone he couldn’t relate to as he once did.

"Oh, don’t worry, Andrew isn’t home. He’s always working late on that worthless garbage."

"Your husband is Rick Grimes. I don’t want my head stabbed or worse, blown up by that Python he carries around." 

"Just shut up. How could I ever think you were any better than my prat of a so called husband? I must be utterly insane."

"You know for a fact, love that I am more of a man than your ex husband will ever be.”

That conversation will forever be engraved into his mind. The precise words are still on repeat till this day and no, not because he misses his ex wife or because he still loves her. That isn’t the case at all. What bothers, what actually fucking angers and makes Andrew sick to his stomach is how she thought of him. How she thought how worthless he was meanwhile he gave her everything. He gave her children. That alone should be everything. She didn’t appreciate a single fucking thing Andrew did for her except when he brought in the pay check.

Shaking his head, he closed his eyes. Now was not the time to reminisce on the horrible twat that was Gael Anderson. Another scene coming up. Director staring off in the distance with his camera aligned pointing directly towards Andrew or well, Rick. It was a scene between Rick and Beth. Rarely any of those were shot up until this point, two years later the chemistry was brewing between the fictional and even in reality. Emily, sweet nature, quiet Emily was looking at him curiously. He couldn’t decipher if it was Beth or the person behind the character but either way the one look made his heart jump.

"Andrew I said action…"

"Yes, right..sorry, I’m sorry. My mind…I’m all over the place. Let’s go again, shall we?" His natural British accent has made an appearance and never once does he slip when speaking but he’s not in his right frame of mind. He tries to speak again, to recite his lines but his body, his body isn’t letting him and his mouth is dry. 

"Goddamn it, I can’t do this right now." With that, he storms off, hands on his face, raking down his dirtied cheeks. With his back to the side of the prison set’s stone wall, he slouches down and rests his skull against the rock. The sun usually is bright during an Atlanta afternoon but something’s blocking….it’s a figure. A frame of a petite woman. Emily? It can’t be or so he hopes not. She shouldn’t witness him like this. No one should. No one, not even himself should see how his ex wife makes him, a weak and worthless man is all he really is to her and that’s what she makes him. 

"Andy?" Her soft voice is like angel’s song to his ears.